History & Highlights | Tiny Jewel Box | Washington, D.C.




A Rich History

We've had a lot of highlights over the years:

From humble beginnings to celebrity customers, and everything in between.


Roz Rosenheim begins jewelry career in the National Press Building.


FDR comes shopping, one of many Presidents, First Ladies, ambassadors, members of congress, and foreign dignitaries who have frequented Tiny Jewel Box over the decades.


Roz and husband Monte move the store to an alley breezeway so narrow you could extend your arms and touch both walls.


Jim, the couple’s 6-year-old son, makes his first sale— a $15.00 ring.


Tiny Jewel Box moves to Connecticut Avenue and L Street NW.


Sammy Davis Jr. visits the store and Roz Rosenheim locks the door and won’t let him leave without a song and dance.


Tiny Jewel Box moves to a 1,500 square foot space on Connecticut Avenue under Jim Rosenheim’s leadership.


Jim’s son Matthew joins Tiny Jewel Box full-time as the store enters the newly exploding global designer jewelry business. The store expands and restores an iconic 12,500 square foot Elizabeth Arden Building, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. New designer collections, diamonds, bridal, accessories, and a corporate gift division are introduced.


The store opens its first watch salon showcasing Rolex and other fine Swiss lines.


On the White House steps, on Inauguration Day, Michelle Obama presents Laura Bush with a gift designed by Tiny Jewel Box.


When the Obamas went to England to pay a visit to Queen Elizabeth, they gave her a vintage American-made brooch from 1950 — with 14-karat yellow gold, diamonds and moss agate.


The store hosts a book signing event for U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. Madam Secretary famously wore many pins she purchased from Tiny Jewel Box to convey diplomatic messages.


Owner and chairman of Tiny Jewel Box, Jim was recognized at the 2014 Couture Design Awards with the prestigious Human Spirit Award. This honor recognizes individuals in the couture community who demonstrate an exceptional generosity of mind and spirit; the award signifies a commitment to philanthropy, integrity, and a consistent standard of excellence.


Tiny Jewel Box debuts a lavish new space spanning the entire historic corner of Connecticut Avenue and M Street NW, dramatically expanding their designer jewelry and watch collections, as well as being able to incorporate new artists into the fold.


The store introduces a Cartier salon.


Legendary watch maker, Patek Phillippe, joins the store’s collections- exclusively available in Washington, D.C. at Tiny Jewel Box.


Jim Rosenheim receives the GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement. This honor is granted to an individual who has accumulated a career’s worth of contributions to the fine jewelry and watch industry. Honorees set a standard of excellence that serves as an inspiration to industry colleagues.


Exclusive to only the best-in-class U.S. retailers, Tiny Jewel Box has been awarded the prestigious status of an
“Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier,” ensuring a regular supply of rare Argyle pink diamonds from Western Australia for their jewelry collections. Tiny Jewel Box is one of eight retailers in the U.S. that has this exclusive partnership.


The store opens an East Coast Harry Kotlar Boutique


Patek Phillipe establishes a more expansive presence in the nation’s capital through its partnership with Tiny Jewel Box. A distinctive and immersive brand space that only a few Patek Phillipe retail partners are awarded, the luxuriously appointed newly expanded 1,000 square foot showroom also has a lounge and a dedicated street-level Patek Phillipe store entrance at 1147 Connecticut Ave.


Tiny Jewel Box expands our retail footprint with a new and expanded Rolex shop-in-shop. The luxuriously appointed Rolex environment and the expansion allows for a new immersive experience with approximately 1,500 square feet. Adorned with a custom made large emerald green and gold custom chandelier, travertine walls and a custom stucco wall sculpture featuring DC monuments is a nod to the importance of the nation’s capital to the Rolex brand.