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The Federal Collection
Exclusively Available at Tiny Jewel Box

For almost 90 years, the three generations of the Rosenheim family and Tiny Jewel Box have filled a special niche, hand selecting and creating items that are truly special. As a Washington Institution, Tiny Jewel Box has not only provided the best in class products and services to Washingtonians over the years, it has created special gifts for the White House, Congress, Supreme Court, and embassies; a testament to Tiny Jewel Box’s rich political and societal history.

Exclusive and available only at Tiny Jewel Box, the Federal Collection is a tribute and celebration of Washington’s past, present, and future. Featuring historic artwork of Washington D.C. for distinctive display. The Federal Collection is a collaboration with illustrious artists Willian F. revered for their decoupage on glass and wood technique which involves a lengthy process of design, cutting, application and finishing. All work is handmade in the USA with astute attention to every detail, making each piece a uniquely crafted artwork.