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Yours and Yours Alone. Custom Jewelry Design Services By The Experts.


Imagine wearing a stunning piece of bespoke jewelry specifically designed and crafted just for you. Whether you are not sure of what you want… or you have already sketched your own drawing, we would love to work with you to bring your vision to life.  So if you can clearly picture your dream, or want to tap our imagination for some creative inspiration, we’re here to work together with you however you wish.


Our artists are excited to design and create the ultimate reflection of your personal taste and encapsulate your story through a unique masterpiece. Our talented experts can craft everything from vintage designs using ancient goldsmithing techniques to contemporary pieces that push creative boundaries.  Or let us breathe new life into a precious heirloom piece through a intriguing redesign. It is a fun collaborative process where our exceptionally skilled experts give you just the right amount of hand holding to help inspire you to design an ambitious piece that is uniquely you.


Take advantage of our unique access to exceptional ethically sourced gemstones—semiprecious, precious, white diamonds, and naturally colored diamonds.  Whether using your own stones, our stones, or no stones at all, the end result will be a one-of- a-kind treasure.


Our Custom Jewelry Creative Process

Our process usually takes three to five weeks, achieved entirely by our own Tiny Jewel Box artisans right here on site. Most important of all, you can be as involved as you want to be every step of the way—viewing, trying on, and approving your custom creation as it evolves to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

  • Step 1: Meet our designer to discuss your ideas, desires, personal artistic style, ultimate goal, budget, and any stones or materials you may have. You can try on existing jewelry for inspiration and a first-hand feel for different creative approaches.

sketches (1)

  • Step 2: Review actual-size sketches as a visual starting point and select your stones.


  • Step 3: After you’ve approved a sketch on paper, we’ll show you  photos of your design-to- be.  Our scale renderings make it easy to envision your design, and you can view photos of your design-to- be via our CAD (Computer Aided Design).


  • Step 4:  A wax model is made for you to hold, touch, and try on. We’ll make any alterations needed and when you’ve approved the wax model, it is cast into metal. Hand-finishing techniques are applied and all jewels are placed.


  • Step 5: Your special day arrives and we present you with your completed creation—yours and yours alone.


    Custom Design Appointments only available Monday – Friday