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Toby Pomeroy

Growing up in India, Toby discovered his commitment to life in balance. Today TOBY POMEROY™ is a world leader in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible jewelry. The launch of EcoGold and EcoSilver set a new standard, defining ethical luxury in ways never seen previously. Marrying timeless design with social responsibility, TOBY POMEROY jewelry truly makes sustainability beautiful.

Inspired by the patient craftspeople of India and touched by the natural beauty of the environment, Toby became fascinated with nature-influenced design. Today, TOBY POMEROY studio is a handful of young artists who, fascinated with texture and form, live to work with their hands. Their commitment to live, learn and create in harmony has the artisans forging reclaimed and source-certified, Fairmined TRUE GOLD™ metals into graceful forms inspired by the simplicity of nature. While technologies have come and gone in the over forty years that Toby Pomeroy has designed jewelry, his studio continues to pursue the purity of the ancient craft. Like their process, the studio’s designs are timeless, refined and beautiful.


Matte Blackened EcoSilver and 14kt Eco Yellow Gold Large 6-disc Metolius River Moon necklace with bezel-set moonstone cabochon.

$2970.00 | Toby Pomeroy
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Matte Blackened Eco Silver and 18kt Eco Yellow Gold Articulated Orchids Fair Trade Russian Imperial Diopside Dangle Earrings

$880.00 | Toby Pomeroy
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Matte Blackened Eco Silver and Eco Yellow Gold 14kt Metolius River Moon earrings with bezel set labradorite cabochons.

$970.00 | Toby Pomeroy
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Hammered discs of 14kt Matte Eco Yellow Gold Metolius River Moon earrings with bezel-set moonstone cabochons.

$1135.00 | Toby Pomeroy
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