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Marco Bicego

The Bicego Factory was originally founded in 1958 by Marco’s father, Pepe, a gold chain designer. In 2000, after working with his father and being inspired to turn a traditional chain onto a more organic and unique design, Marco launched his own brand. Marco Bicego’s jewelry combines the old-world tradition, passed down through generations, with new contemporary designs. Each piece is handmade by highly trained artisans in his Italian Headquarters, located in Vicenza. Marco is inspired by his world travels, organic shapes and gemstones found in nature and strives to create jewelry that can be worn for every occasion, achieving effortless luxury.


18kt Yellow Gold Masai Double Circle Long Pendant Necklace. Diamonds=.15ttcw

$4290 | Marco Bicego
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18kt Yellow Gold Masai Circle Pendant Necklace. Diamonds=.09ttcw

$2280 | Marco Bicego
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18kt Yellow Gold 29.5″ Marrakech Onde Twisted Link Lariat Necklace. Diamonds=.50ttcw

$10370 | Marco Bicego
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18kt Yellow Gold 18.25″ Marrakech Onde Twisted Link Necklace.

$10720 | Marco Bicego
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